Imperial Conflict Beta 1: Wars and Stories

The First Beta Round of IC

Sep 23rd, 10:38 -Introduction :::

The first Beta round started with an bang. A NW explosion, that is, from Universal Mob and his family-mate Altruists. As the first two players to realise the benefits of selling food in a twisted market system, they made a fortune, and then made more when a population bug caused galaxy wide starvation.

The story of Beta 1 is a story of the major wars surrounding the largest players. When Dance of Blades hit Number 1 in NW, the Harkonnens cut him down to size. When Hells Will followed into the top spot, then newly-made top 10 Starstrike lent a hand. Then came Universal Mob vs Triforce. Finally, just as Starstrike realised the benefits of a slash-and-rebuild strategy, came the Vjun Cluster vs the Harkonnens. The correction of this loophole left Starstrike with an uncatchable lead, and in the last 12 hours of the beta round, he went from around 200 planets to over 1000, leaving galactic chaos in his wake.

Some stories and battles of beta 1: